Alfredo Castillo & Maria Zambrano Viggiano for Bridgeport City Council

Vote Tuesday September 10th

With Your Help, We Will Keep Fighting For Our Community!


Highlights From 2017-2019 Term

  • Voted For Property Tax Decrease Benefiting All Homeowners
  • Secured Over $200,000 For Street Paving In The District
  • Fought For More Funding For Our Public Schools
  • Supported Bridgeport Youth Employment Program
  • Increased Communication With Local Police Precinct
  • Hosted District Holiday Event Serving Over 100 Families

What Will Continue To Fight For

  • Continued Property Tax Relief For All Homeowners, Especially Senior Citizens
  • Conitnued Investment In Quality Of Life Projects, Especially Clean & Safe Streets
  • Continued Investment In Youth-Serving Programs, Especially Youth Employment & Our Schools

About Alfredo

Alfredo is a lifelong Bridgeport resident and has served the city’s 136th District since his election to the Bridgeport City Council in 2013. He served families in the Bridgeport Housing Authority for over 15 years before retiring several years ago. Alfredo and his wife, Monica, are homeowners in the 136th where they live with their three children.

About Maria

Maria grew up in the 136th District and is a graduate of Bridgeport Public Schools, Boston University, and Harvard University. After college, Maria became a public school teacher and has remained in public service ever since. Maria and her husband, Joe, are homeowners in the 136th where they live with their young son.